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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Drant on 2006-03-01 at 00:04:17
In a previous melee-like map, I was particularly inspired by my own creation, a
villainous queen that flies over and "steal" your units. After seeing the havoc caused
over people's bases, I wonder what it would be like to see people stealing each
other's stuff... in a map-sized scale. The first concept map was
[attachmentid=17582] rushed out to determine the feel and fun factor. It turned out
to be quite exciting, and chaotic as expected.

Originally, I planned to make an octagonal map full of cannons, but the idea
impeded by StarCraft's inherent cancellation of pylonless cannons when they are
given to a different player. The second best choice was to use sunkens.
But these sunkens look ugly compared to the blue-energy-ball-firing-fountains. Then
again, queens capturing sunkens look more appropriate, and I settled. I knew eight
players is too excessive for a map that is acre-planted with buildings. I settled with
a hexagonal sunken map. A hexagon and Zerg units, this reminded me of

Through the development of this map, I was motivated to learn about apiculture and
the insect's entomology. The process of paralleling the things I had gathered and
the map functions I was to designed was surprisingly edifying and enjoyable.
I am proud to present to you--despite the neglect and misapprehensions
experienced on the tests--sunken capturing madness and mutalisk
dogfights, Honeycomb War.

Name: Honeycomb War BETA
Type: Arena, Micro
Map: 128x128 Space
Forces: 1 Rival Queens
Players: 6
Difficulty: Medium

Affinity: Worms

Based on the title, you probably have guessed that the map is about bees. Indeed it is,
and much research have been made to relate the gameplay as much as possible to
bees while upholding fun value.
In the game, you play as a queen just hatched after the older queen has unexpectedly
died. You will compete with your contemporary queens by fertilizing as many
honeycomb cells as you can under the time limit (you can even fertilize your rival's).
To gain an edge over the competition, pheromones (triggered abilities) can be used to
your advantage or your rival's dismay. In order to make the pheromones, you need to
earn gas either by capturing unfertilized cells or drone cells randomly generated in the
map. Pheromones are activated by a larva, morphing to 8 different abilities:

(D)rone - 'Honey' - Heal own cells under your queen.
(Z)ergling - 'Banish' - Destroy the cells under your queen and receive gas "refund."
(O)verlord - 'Allure' - Capture fertilized cells in proximity.
(H)ydralisk - 'Disarray' - Force rivals to ally you and make them unvision themselves.
(M)utalisk - 'Fan' - Unfertilize everyone's egg cells in the map.
(S)courge - 'Swarm' - Force all hatched workers to move to your queen.
(Q)ueen - 'Negate' - Stop your pheromones from releasing.
(U)ltralisk - 'Pipe' - Heal all of your bees and make them swarm.
De(f)iler - 'Premature' - Hatch eggs under your queen.

Basically, your objective in the first 10 minutes of the game is to capture as many
sunkens as possible and gain royal jelly (gas) on the way.
When the time limit runs out, the eggs you control will hatch into offensive workers, and
your virgin queen will morph into a formidable devourer queen.
What happens after that is a slaughterfest. The last remaining queen will take the crown.

- Optimized sunkens numbers and placement
- Accelerated Game Speed
- Germane MPQ sounds and battle music
- Easy to use special abilities system: hotkeyable hatchery and larva morph
- 8 different abilities to change the tide of the game
- 3 Stages of game development
- Democratic banning system
- Secret ending
- Open source map (unprotected)

I am aware of discrepancies in the map versus real bees such as...
The virgin queens fertilize even without mating with a drone.
Eggs can be refertilized.
Pheromones significantly affect the eggs.
The cells/eggs are attacking.
The bees hatch simultaneously.
Bees don't fight among themselves in this horrific manner.

Post notes:
Please comment on the map as it is in beta stage, your suggestions and reports will be

The melee-like map I created was presented by a post to this forum a month back and was initially
filled with some eager responses. But response to the map itself was lacking, as you
can see. For whatever the reason may be, I am hoping those of you who tests this
creation will be of helpfulness, as the former map was fortunately attractive enough
on for me to do my independent beta testing.

Please play this map with 3-5 players and look for bugs and think of suggestions
that can improve this map's gameplay and popularity. I have only functionally
completed the map by the end of this post's date, so there might be many errors to
be found.

I hope that you will enjoy this map to its fullest.


Satellite View of map:
user posted image
Sunkens in the map are the honeycomb cells and eggs waiting to be fertilized.
Hatchery makes larva that is used as a hot switch for abilities.

Edit: Renamed map to 6UNKEN ARENA


Hatching from the queen cells
user posted image

Sunkens fighting
user posted image

The arsenal of pheromones
user posted image

Casting "Honey" pheromone
user posted image

Casting "Allure" pheromone
user posted image

Casting "Premature" pheromone
user posted image

Yellow's using "Disarray" pheromone to black out his enemies
user posted image

This is war!
user posted image

Sunkens hatch into Mutalisks
user posted image

Taking the fight to air
user posted image

Hornets attack!
user posted image
Report, edit, etc...Posted by TheDaddy0420 on 2006-03-01 at 03:13:15
This looks like its going to be fun/chaotic. Nice new map ideas. Too many maps are remakes these days.
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