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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Drant on 2004-09-05 at 13:32:24
Since the uploading maps is currently disabled, I'll have this map sojourn here.
The map is 99.99...% completed, as it will never be actually completed because I
always tend to make more changes to my maps as I play them.

+ 3 Rounds.
- 1st Round: Offense, kill two marines of 9900 HP and 100 HP with 125 armor.
- 2nd Round: Defense, survive the deluge of 10,000 marines of 1 HP and 10000 atk
(trigger peaks the number of marines in the map to 1000)
- 3rd Round: Secret
+ Customized Races
- Zerg can mass attack, auto-regenerate, specify larva spawning area
- Terran can stack, all research complete
- Protoss can activate temporary invincibility, instant construction/training
+ Hero Units
- Upgradeable for more abilities and effectiveness
- 2x Base Dmg, and 2x Upgrade Dmg for piercing the Marine's armor
+ New enemies
- Harriers, Sweeper, and super minions
+ Music clip and sounds
- Taunts
- A clip of Carmina Burana during the 10,000 marines' release
+ "Fast and Free" style gameplay
+ A.I. Marine with auto-defenses
+ Automated Help
+ Detailed tutorial in game
+ Optional starting location
+ Unally-to-ban system
+ Limits and restrictions on units to avoid exploitations
+ Allow of all upgrades multiplier to do equal to 126 or more dmg so that you can
pierce the Marine's armor
+ More than an hour long of playing
+ Plenty more features you can discover by playing

This map was made out of the dissatisfaction that there weren't any nine thousand
nine hundred and ninety nine marines in the original [9999 Marine] map.

The game will lag extremely with players on slow connection/computers. I believe it
is due to the hyper triggers, or unoptimized trigger timing. I avoided attempts to fix it
because of its root ties to the whole game's mechanism. Lag will be common and
temporary when the team is choosing their starting location, when the Marine is
about to be released, the duration after you skip Round 1, and the first few minutes
of the 10000 marines' release.

Questions and reports pertinent to this map are accepted in this thread, but please
no suggestions. This map has been modded and customized to the max, with more
than two years of polishing. The map is unprotected for your viewing pleasure.
Map version is in a chronological format, e.i. Year.Month.Day:MilitaryTime.

If patience is not one of your virtues, don't play this map.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Chill on 2004-09-05 at 13:39:43
Why dosn't anyone ever use the word myriad any more? Anyway, cool map.
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