V-Tec Paintball NXG
  Latest Update: 2007.06.13

  V-Tec Paintball originated by KnIgHtCoM in 1998
  Recreated from scratch on May 12, 2007 by Drant and l2l(Hunt
  with modern map making methods and new features
  Visit channel Op V-Tec in USEast to play with V-Tec veterans

  Changes from FirstDawn/Skillz/Enhance versions...

  - Terrain palette uniformed to reduce distractions
  - Comsat added as player presence indicator
    Scanner cost 35n and charges when a unit is at the computer doodad
  - Chrysalis powerup replaced by Chrysalis sprite for unmorph explosions
    Enemy units will still be blocked if they try to move over the sprite
  - Dragoon will spawn farther if two civilians are near its tube
  - Map revealers realigned so vision only extends inside base walls
  - Only the bottom tele crystal is owned to limit vision below base
  - Units very near teleporters will go into it in 1 second
  - Anti-camp field expanded throughout entire base
  - Anti-camp explodes each camping unit instead of them dying all at once
  - Upgrade area divided to three parts for backward upgrades
  - Units near upgrade area becomes invincible and will ally enemy units there
    Effects will stop when unit exits upgrade area or when player has a kill
  - Respawn takes exactly 5 seconds
  - Death in camp respawn takes exactly 25 seconds
  - Flag Carrier returns two civilian to where he was
  - Constant alliance prevents accidental A-click teamkill

  - Rewritten with hypertrigger compliance, no long Wait triggers
  - Wait triggers and switches replaced by death counters
  - Base responsibility distributed to every players hierarchically
  - Observer Mode switchable by putting Civ at Chrysalis
  - Clock added to show elapsed time in precise seconds
  - Winning score is determined by the opposite team’s deaths
    Minerals are kills needed for the team to win
    Gas are team deaths left until the team loses
    Winning score will readjust if it is too high and a player leaves
  - Anti-camp warning is symbol instead of text
  - Flag and FC status alert switchable (On) by unallying a teammate
  - Unreal Announcer switchable (Off) by allying an enemy
    2-6 kills: Double, Multi, Ultra, Monster, Killing Spree
    Headshot sound when FC is the only owned unit and it has a kill
    Humiliation sound when FC dies without a kill

  - Eight new units to give every class 3 upgrades
  - Upgraded units have full 250 energy
  - Renamed units to their nicks
  - 0th tier unit has white name, 1st yellow, 2nd orange, 3rd red
    0, 5, 10, 15 kills:
  - Protoss  Assault Class
    Goon    H15-S05-A1-D10 Dragoon
    Fenix   H15-S10-A1-D12 HDragoon
    Scout   H05-S10-A0-D07 Scout        *26 damage to muta, speed
    Archon  H10-S40-A0-D30 HArchon
  - Terran   Support Class
    Rine    H05-A0-D10     Marine
    Vult    H10-A0-D10     Vulture      *speed
    Ghost   H10-A0-D16     Ghost
    Gol     H25-A1-D13     HGoliath     *26 full air damage
  - Zerg     Defense Class
    Ling    H12-A0-D10     Zergling
    Dev     H12-A0-D12     HZergling
    Def     H16-A0-D50     HDefiler     *Dark Swarm into InfTerran, limit 1
    Guard   H20-A0-D25     HGuardian
  - Terran   Protect Class
    Bat     H18-A0-D16     Firebat      *8 damage per flame
    Montag  H22-A0-D18     HFirebat     *9 damage per flame
    Wraith  H08-A0-D12     HWraith      *10 air damage, cloak for 1 second, recharge ~30s
    Tank    H30-A1-D18     Tank
  - Zerg     Strike  Class
    Hydra   H05-A0-D10     Hydralisk
    HK      H10-A0-D12     HHydralisk
    Duran   H14-A0-D10     HGhost       *Heals, shorter range than Ghost
    Muta    H30-A0-D20     HMutalisk
  - Protoss  Special Class
    Temp    H10-S08-A0-D06 HTemplar     *storm and hallucination 200n
    DT      H10-S10-A0-D12 HDarkTemplar *share vision when near enemy, limit 1
    Lot     H10-S12-A0-D24 Zealot       *12 damage per blade, speed
    Kerri   H30-S00-A1-D35 InfKerrigan  *storm, ensnare 75n, limit 1
  - FC      H07-A0-D12     HMarine

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